by Pankhurst Gallery



Acrylic on Canvas


"CONTENTMENT" was my first painting in 1997 with a paint mixture squeezed out of a little plastic bottle with a red plastic nozzle - no paint brushes used. This is a one off. I have not painted any scene like it.  

I loved the painterly effects I was able to get and I painted some seascapes, some other paintings including the Collector Series, culminating in the tapestries created with this acrylic paint mix including the little erotic series. 

We have "CONTENTMENT" in our main street gallery. If you look closely you will see 3 cattle tucked behind the trees on the other side of the river. The 2 main cattle are looking across at them. The youngster is nuzzling up to her mother. 

It has a lovely gold Italian frame. We love this painting.